Course curriculum

    1. Manifest Your Success Introduction

    1. Manifest Your Purpose Introduction

    2. Before We Begin

    3. Manifest Your Purpose Workbook

    4. Ikigai: Circle One

    5. Ikigai: Circle Two

    6. Ikigai: Circle Three

    7. Ikigai: Circle Four

    8. Purpose Statement Draft 1

    9. Refine Your Purpose Statement

    10. How do I know my purpose statement is ready?

    11. Fulfilling Your Purpose

    12. Assignment & Resources

    13. Am I living my purpose Questionnaire

    1. Manifest Your Vision Introduction

    2. Manifest Your Vision Workbook

    3. Before We Begin

    4. Believe Before You Receive

    5. Your Reticular Activating System

    6. Your I want List

    7. The Visioning Exercise

    8. The Power of a Vision Board

    9. Steps to Create a Vision Board

    10. Gratitude the Greatest Antidote to Fear

    11. Focus on what you want

    1. Manifest Your Goals Introduction

    2. Manifest Your Goals Workbook

    3. Before We Begin

    4. Guidelines to Write Your Goals

    5. Reviewing Your Goals

    6. Share Your Goals

    7. Your Accountability System

    8. Why Affirmations Work

    9. Guidelines to Create Affirmations

    10. The Correct way to Repeat Affirmations

    11. Assignment & Resources

    1. Bringing it All Together

    2. Before you go...

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